Android Application to Play and Control Torrents via uTorrent on Mobile Device

Bandwidth utilization is the only part why we still don’t have any mobile application can dealt with torrents link. But this seems to come to an end as BitTorrent, Inc. recently announced its latest remote control app uTorrent Remote which will let you manage your desktop torrents direct from Android Phone. Though the latest release is available only as a rough alpha.

This Mobile Application will give a basic control into your phone so that you can check the current status of a download or upload position. You can also start, pause or remove torrents that are in the process. To use it you first need to install uTorrent 3.0 alpha and then have to configure it using web section of uTorrent preference by crating a username and password. Once you have configured it properly enter those in uTorrent mobile apps. This application also allows you to transfer, save, and play back any completed file from your PC to your Android device. In other words, there goes your data cap.You can customize labels for your torrents, and add RSS feeds–an excellent way to stay on top of podcasts, for example.

Visit the download link here to get more info or for a download link….

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