Application to create polaroid effect instantly in two clicks!

Do you remember the old days when urgent photography was done using Polaroid Cameras, though the technology was an expensive one but was a fun to use them to get instant moments.

Now the Polaroid era has gone but still if you want to have some fun with that style of Photography then here is one such application called Polo a simple too that can convert an image into a polaroid like effect; only two clicks required. This application supports the Drag&Drop feature; and once you have dragged any image over main window; the crop window will appear to let you set the image dimension; then shoot it and in a few seconds a polaroid version of your image will be saved.

This application also comes with a toolbar which you can access by clicking main window which you can use to create shadow effect, sepia or faded effect along with many more features.

Download link and more info here

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