April Fool Day is Gmail’s Birthday….it’s now 6 years old…

Gmail: as it does not require to explain what it is…. An email service from Google which was launched on April 1 – 2004 is now the most used free email service. At the time of its launch it was only an invitation based email service for which its intention was to keep spammers away and still today it is doing its hard work to keep them away as much as possible.

Today no doubt it is the most popular email service keeping far behind its competitors, at the time of its launch it was said that it is very hard to provide free email service to survive in such a competitive field but Gmail has proved them wrong…. as it is not the best service with around more than of 7 gbs of email space but is more effective with its merger of Gmail Chat and Google Buzz like services.

So let’s celebrate the GMail’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Gmail

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