Automatic Mouse Clicker – Set Mouse Buttons to click automatically on given intervals

Though not many, but there are some people; working in a scenario where they needs only to click mouse button hundreds of times in day over the same menu. Don’t you think how boring this job would be…. but this can be made interesting while giving relaxation to your finger. Must be wondering, How? Using a Mouse Auto Clicker; which is a program that makes the mouse clicks automatically for you and after the regular time intervals set by you in the tool. Using the Mouse Auto Clicker program you can also set the number of times this click happens.

So for the purpose GS Auto Clicker (or AutoClick) I think is the best free and shareware program; which never expires unlike the other automatic mouse clicker programs. You only need to download the program and set the options; and it is ready to work.

So; if you have the job to click over any menu again and again then use this tool and just relax.

You can download this tool from the link given here.


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