Starting a WordPress Blog: Best Webhosting Service for WordPress Blog in India

It was quite a few months ago when i was planning to build this blog on which you are right now but was not sure about where to buy the domain and web-hosting services as from the several reviews and comments I was confused whether services offered by them would be fair enough or not. In the sequence finally i reach to and my mind turns into a mood where it was not possible to me turn back.

There were the cheapest offer to book a domain name at 450 Rs only for a year with the domain name forwarding option. And the customer service support as good as it can be as I have personally talked to the customer service before applying to the domain hosting and at once i got the reply about their services. Not only this they also provide the domain hosting plans at several affordable prices to suits one with a range starting from Rs. 600 for one year. So for a beginner it was the biggest deal and once you get proficient you can opt for the other offers. Though it is very likely that you can get stick with the other offers available there.

Here not only the services but the built in control panel and email client services are also from the top level which is in India of course looks very surprising. As far me also till now I only thought that servers only from the US are capable of providing such a good quality service but if we can avail such a service in India then why don’t just appreciate it. So if now or in the recent future you would made any mood to have your own personal domain hosting then should opt for the as for my views this is the best i have found…

Visit to Domain Hosting Website

We have now a better opportunity to have services as they have came with a much better plan… Described below

Webhosting: 200 MB Web Space and 5 GB Bandwidth usages only in Rs 600

If any one of you have any other issue then please share your views


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