Windows trick to completely hide a hard disk Windows Partition: No software required

Though we all know that there are several software available to be used to hide files or folders from a Windows PC; but today in this post I will tell you all a simple Windows trick, with which you can hide a complete drive; very useful if you want to hide your valuable information but don’t have any software installed. You may also use this trick as a computer prank program to make your friend a fool; if you have access to his/her computer.

So get ready with the trick… here it goes… step by step description

1. Click on start > run or use Windows key + r to open the run menu.

2. Type Diskmgmt.msc to open Windows disk management; this is the windows place to manage all hard drives installed in a pc.

3. Like shown in the above window; you will get the complete list of all the partition in a system; choose the one using the mouse right click and click on Change Drive Letter and Paths… to get the following window.


4. Just click on remove; it will show a warning that the programs associated with this drive will no longer work… but don;t worry because the in the next step when you revert back the change… everything will go fine.

5. So once you click remove; it will remove the drive letter associated with the partition; means no drive will be shown in the windows explorer… but it will be displayed in disk management application shown above with no drive.

6. Now how to restore it; right click again on the drive with no drive letter and click on add and choose the drive letter.

That’s it; this way you can hide a complete partition without any software…. isn’t this an amazing trick… let me know via comment section.

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