Google trick to track online Hidden Cameras?

Google the most popular search engine, have you ever thought, how much sensitive information or data it collects through its spiders and crawlers… which in return, reveals many hidden ways to get around our world…. and in the list one such trick is accessing the hidden online cameras installed at several location world wide. Doesn’t it surprises you?

Yes! There is way with which anyone around the world can access the cameras installed at several location through Google.

So here is the trick:

First open or whatever Google Subdomain you use in your conuntry… like here in India it is

Now in the  search bar area type the bold letters given below:


Doing so will give you too many result; but, here don’t consider that every result will work for you… you need to find out which one is working and which one not.

Like in my case i got so many result using the above keyword but one 3rd and 4th were working…


And I get this amazing Road Side view of Paris busy traffic…

Paris Online view

Isn;t this an amazing tip you would have love to read…. give this a try!

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