Can not Copy or Duplicate any particular folder and files?

This is very specific and uncommon case that sometime a particular folder with a lot of files and folder in it – which makes it a very complex in nature denied copying or duplicating it to any other location. Thus if becomes a very tiring process to manually select and move/copy it to another location drive. Then if you are around such a situation then the Mirror tool definitely be worthy to you.

It is capable of copying any complex folder to any location or any drive without any loss of data. This is a freeware backup tool that duplicates a folder structure to a new location. The tool is free to use and require no installation. The tool is portable and can be used in the pen drive as well.

While you use it, it will display you three option, the last two ones are general but the first one needs attention as it matches the file and folder from the source and target. If any file or folder on the source location is missing or not found then it simply ignore that folder.

Download Mirror Application

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