Delete Locked Virus file or porgram; or a file locked by a running application


We very often came across this messages while deleting any file which we think is no longer needed. But instead of deletion there is always a message displayed as above; even though the file is not opened with any program.

So how to handle such files or folders? However; most of the time deletion of such file can be done easily after a simple restart. But if a system restarts also fails to do the deletion then there is no choice left than using one of the best application used to delete a file even if is locked by any program or denying deletion.

The application which you can use is Unlocker; a very small application which you can download from the link provided in the end of the article. After the download install it to your system; which then add an command in the right click context menu as Unlocker.

With the help of this menu you can delete any file which is locked by any program; all you need to just right click on the file and then using Unlocker. This will next open a new window if the file is locked by a program as shown below or if not simply delete the file.

In this window from the first option choose Delete and then click on Unlock all button. This way any file; no matter whatever content it have can be deleted. Even you can also delete those files locked by a virus program which are very difficult to remove; very easily.

So why not just give a try to this application; go through the link here to have a download.



  1. the unlocker did not work.

    I downloaded but it is showing as an option anywhere so i cannot delete the files.what do i do next?

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