Control and Manage USB Ports: Disable any specific devices – Printer, Scanner, Removable media etc..

Now days USB ports are one of the most used system port; that connects almost every device we can think for. From a range of Printers… scanners… audio hardware to removable media…. means today we have almost every device built from USB ports most of them just work like plug and play hardware.

But have you ever thought; how you can you control this USB ports so that if we want to have disable any specific type of hardware… suppose we want that no scanner can be connected to the PC, but, the other devices works normally as they should. Throughout the windows control panel, however, this is not possible as if we try to do so this will disable the whole USB port… but here we have an application called Makesoft USB manager which gives you an option to disable any of the mentioned device… without any much effort…. that’s in a single click.

This tool is free to use and you can download it from the link given here… this is a portable application so there is no need installation just download and run… and click on the device option to disable or enable. If you need more control you can also set a password so that no other person can have access to these controls.

This could be a great tool if you are looking for a way to disabled USB ports for removable media so that no one can copy stuffs from your PC…. haven’t this application has impressed you… click on any of the share button to tell this all your friends…. have a nice day.



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