Crave Digital World Clock: Calculate timing difference around the world

If you were looking  for an application to let you discover the time differences between any city around the world so that you don’t miss any appointment or able to fix your busy schedule over the day; then Crave World Clock comes as a suitable tool for this type of activity, bringing several useful features that can also be used as a schedule planner.

With this tool you can easily calculate or can keep track of the current time on a real virtual map for any city around the world.To get it you only need to select a city from the list and the hour of the city will be displayed on the map. You can get more info by setting the program to use you desktop wallpaper to show the whole world map with the selected city. You can also add themed analog and digital clocks on your Windows desktop to keep track of current time for any city you like. You can also set the world clock with map as your desktop wallpaper.

Apart from the timing feature it can also show you the day and night cycle in real time with the zones influenced by .

This program comes with a shareware license.

Download and more info link here


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