Create your own simplest RAM recovery application to fasten up system speed

System RAM is the most affected area when a pc kept on for a long time or while playing games consuming lot of system memory… now, even after you have closed all the application or stopped down the playing game, you may have noticed that system speed is not up to the mark as it should have to be…. and the only solution left is to restart the system. But do you know that even without restarting your pc you can free up system resources using any RAM recovery solution … don’t worry you don’t need to loosen up your pocket money to look after any expensive application when you can create your own for free using notepad… look down the steps below:

So create a new text file on your desktop and call it .. “RAMcleaner” or something…


in this file and save it as RAMcleaner.vbs [ You may choose the “All Files” option when u save it ]

Run the file and ur RAM may be cleaned
Of course u can edit the code in the file for a greater “cleaning-progress”.


Just try out this application and do not forget to mention about your experiences in the comment section below…

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