Disable Message – Allow this webpage to access your clipboard to IE (Internet Explorer)

Have you ever come across a message “Allow this webpage to access your clipboard” through Internet Explorer. Though, I always prefer Firefox or Chrome but sometime when I have no choice but to work with Internet Explorer then, this message annoys me much. So why this message occurs: Actually this has to happen because of the Cache Memory, where copied data stored temporarily for future use or for an application which wish to access that data.

But, for Internet Explorer, by default, Microsoft disabled it to access Cache Memorylocation so that the data copied by us to the clipboard can’t be used without our consent.

Actually, cache memory is a secure place where our all the copied data resides temporarily which can be used by us in future or by an app which wish to access the location. Thus starting IE 7, Microsoft had provided restricted access to the cache memory location so that the data copied by us to the clipboard can’t be used without our consent.

But in case if you want to disable or in case if this already disable and want to enable it,  then follow the steps given below:
1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab.
2. Select “Internet” zone, and click on “Custom level…” button.
3. Scroll down to “Scripting” section, second last section from bottom.

4. Under “Allow Programmatic clipboard access” option, check the “Enable” button (the default value selected is Prompt, which cause the pop-up message to be displayed whenever there is any attempt to access the Clipboard).
5. Click Ok and apply the settings.

Please note here that, doing this will allow the programs installed in your computer to access the cache and pick the data automatically, however if you feel it is OK with you then go ahead and disable this message in IE.

Alternatively, you can use the same setting for “Trusted Site” at step 2 if you wish to keep this feature for sites other than you access but now you will have to add your most viewed sites into the exception list. Or simply you can switch to other browsers than IE.

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