How to create Printing/Cutting/Crop Marks in Coreldraw using Macro

Friends; though this post is off the topic for the regular readers; but can be very useful for Graphic Designers using mainly CorelDraw. Today in this article I will tell you all a very simple way to create Printing or Cutting marks very easily on any drawing or Completed Job Work using a Macro.

So first of all you should know; what a macro is?

A macro is a simple automated script which can be created by recording all theĀ  steps from a program and then later run to perform the same task automatically without any user intervention. Or you can say is like a batch program which was used early days of MS-Dos where a combination of dos commands executed at one go. In the same way a Macro Script is run to perform any specific job.

Now let we all come to the topic creating Crop marks i CorelDraw Using a CorelDraw Macro.

So before I start; or any of one have any confusion notice the below picture with the marks at the corner and in the center as in the end of article

you can create the same effect without any extra effort.

Isn’t this seems you very interesting; now before you begin you need to download this macro from the link given here (Courtesy: copy it to the location where you have installed the CorelDraw like in my case it is C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Draw\GMS where C is the drive with the Windows installed. Note here that you need to copy the downloaded file in GMS folder not any other place either this macro will not work.

So now I assume you have downloaded the Macro and copied it to the mentioned location; now run the CorelDraw and open any project for which you want to add crop marks. Once you have file opened select the boundaries or create the rectangle with the desired and select it.

Now the next step; Go to the Tools> Macro>Run Macro as shown below:

Now from theĀ  option appearing look out into the drop down menu and locate CropMarks (Shown in red Rectangle) and click run that’s it.

Finally I will have the results provided…


Isn’t this a very trick to create CorelDraw Printing Cutting marks… hopw you enjoyed the article.



  1. cropmark is the good and time saving software. It is realy nice…

    I will keep touch with you for more doubt about coral draw and photoshop.

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