Facebook Tip: Confirm/Unconfirm all freind request in a single click

Are you very much conscious about your privacy or personal information while surfing on Facebook? And are very choosy about the friends request from an unknown sender…. but what if there are tens or hundreds of friends request you have… but don’t want to accept any of them or looking for a way to have a single click and all of them get accepted.

No; if the above is your choice then don’t worry…. you won’t need a manual work but a userscript called “FB AutoLike Status & AutoConfirm/Unconfirm All Friend Request” which does the job; confirming or cancelling all the friend request at once.  You can download the script form the link here but before you use this make sure you have Greasemonkey script for Firefox or TamperMonkey extension in Chrome installed.

Not only this scripts works with the friends request but the same can be used with like or unlike all the comments, status messages on a page at the moment without user intervention. This script is good if you wish to add all the requests that come your way without worrying about the people being added and if you have no private info to share then this should not be an issue too. The script will place a small widget to the left side on FB which can also be hidden by clicking the small arrow on the widget.

Just give this userscript a test and let all our readers know, how much this userscript effective.




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