File Renamer: Batch Rename all files with in a Folder; add string to beginning or end

In our daily working on computers we often need to rename several files stored. Though; in case if we only need to change or rename one or very few files then there is no problem at all. But what if; there is hundreds of files in a folder and you have to rename all this.

In a situation like this File Renamer lets the user rename all files like with the DOS command, but with many more options available.

It has the ability to batch rename all files, add string to beginning or end of filenames, remove string from all the names to rename, change all the file extensions, numerate all filenames sequentially, convert all to uppercase / lowercase, trim ‘x’ characters from beginning or end of filenames, replace spaces inside filename to underscore or eliminate all spaces, replace one string from the name with any other, and some more… Isn’t this list of options and settings is lengthy.

Apart form the above description; you can also use this application to rename files from multiple folder; drag and drop files or folder from Explorer. And best of all this all process is reversible; means you can undo all the changes if something goes wrong with the command.

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