Find the most popular Facbook likes or Google +1 article on the web…

Though most of us use Google to find any online portal or information on the web. And I am sure you must have noticed the Google +1 sign with every result on the Google search engine. May be some one of you have ever clicked on any of them. But is that any how useful or just the waste of time. Today we will discuss the same and will find a way how to search the web result using Popular Facebook likes or most number of Google +1 clicks.

So far; as there is no doubt that Google is the much popular search engine covering over 80% search terms all over the world and there is also a good time passed since it has implemented the +1 result to its search result. But still there is no guarantee that the search result will be the reasonably suitable or will have a good popularity ranking.

Thus, now the question arises, though; even  having the services like facebook likes or google +1 why doesn’t we get the result with most popular article on the niche subject.  For this purpose here is an online web service called “Google with Social Stats”. As the name of the service indicates, this service helps you to get listing of the most liked and shared articles in Google.

The search results displayed with this service are far better and liked by other readers. What you need to do is just visit this web service (link at the bottom), start typing your query as you would have done on Google and it will start listing the results as per its algorithms right below and instantly, without needing to click on the Search button.

Visit Google with Social Stats

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