Find wallpaper to fit your desktop size with Google Image Search

Having a good wallpaper that fits to your desktop is not very hard nowadays. If you have gone mad while looking for appropriate wallpaper that fits according to your desktop resolution which sometimes looks much bigger or sometime very small and morever pixels are also very creepy then now forget all such matters as Google has already provided a solution to its users. So if you are looking for wallpapers to fit your desktop size then in Image search mode click on the advance tab you will get a screen like shown below…

Now input whatever the term you required for your desktop wallpaper  under the size drop box click on “use my desktop size” . From this advance search tab you can also choose from your image types from JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG and there are 12 color theme to select. And once you set all the perimeters the click on the Google search and the result then that will be displayed will be according to your desktop size.

Don’t you think this option provided by Google is very impressive.

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