Forget Login Credentials: Use USB pen drives as a Computer Key

There are many who prefers to put their files behind the strong password to protect their system settings or personal files; from any unauthorized access. But in the process this sometimes becomes very irritating situation; if he forgets his password…. if this ever has happened to you then here is a very good small application which can convert your USB drive a computer key; suppose it is just like a key you use to open your house lock.

This amazing application is known as Password Booster Screen Lock,  which quickly locks or unlocks your machine once you insert or either remove the flash or pen drive to USB port. You can download this application here and run the application…  now you can use any USB as a locking device, as all you have to do is just connect one and select the “Enabled” option on the tool in the computer. Disabling the option will restore the drive and it won’t be further used as a locking device.

But remember you can only use that particular USB device to unlock your pc with which you have locked your PC; else this software won’t work….

Isn’t this a very interesting tip… use USB Drive, rather then using the old method of  password protection.





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