Fun with Orkut! Send Invisible Blank Scraps

These days Social Networking sites are the real space for fun for chat lovers or for those who wants to build online community. So if you are one loves Social Networking Sites and using Orkut then here is a tip you would love to know how you can send blank scraps.

Orkut as we all know treats spamming very seriously. Being so it does not allow blank scraps without any content, which means you can’t send invisible or blank scraps. Orkut determines the genuineness of s scrap from it’s contents. Before posting a scrap, it examines if the scrap is having any text, letters inside it or not. If you haven’t written anything, it’s not going to post your scrap. So now it doesn’t mean that you can’t trick to get someone blank scraps. Today in the trick given below you can send invisible or blank orkut scraps to anyone.

Steps to send Invisible or Blank Scraps in Orkut:

To send blank or invisible Orkut scraps, follow the below steps.

  1. Log into your Orkut profile.
  2. Go to the scrapbook of the person you want to send invisible scraps.
  3. Write [i] in his scrapbook and post scrap.
  4. This will result in posting a blank or invisible scrap.
  5. You are done.

That’s it. Now you ca send unlimited blank or invisible scraps to your Orkut friends. Impress your Orkut friends with this cool trick.

You can also try these combinations


One more method

Enter &#3021 no space b/w the symbol and number, blank scrap will be send.

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