“Generic volume cannot be stopped right now”- Best solution

AS you already know what to do if any you cannot delete any particular file or which is busy by any windows program or application from the article mentioned Can’t delete a file, Use Unlocker small handy application. That was the case with the files which are busy…. but what to do with the USB removable drives which continuously display the massage alike “The device ‘Generic volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.” even after closing all the possible programs which may use that file or running from the flash drive, trouble seems to be unresolved.

In such cases what most of us do? Is waiting till everything become stable can be a solution or really there is a best solution which shall be tried whenever such a situation arises. As simply unplugging any device without safely removing can cause data currption… so why take chances…

Now you will learn about a very small tool EjectUSB which is well capable to stop any flash / USB drive operations which denies its removal process. Its inbuilt feature automatically flush the file cache, close Explorer windows and removing registry entries and Recent Document shortcuts referencing the specified drive or folder thus giving it a straight path which it can use for safe removal. This is its best part which makes it different from the Microsoft’s built in safely remove hardware in windows.

Now how it works, not on every system we can found this utility installed… so not to worry you even don’t need to install it on any pc but you have to copy it your own pen drive which requires no installation. You only have to download the application from the link here and extract to your pen drive.

Now the next time when you want to unplug it from any pc giving trouble simply double click on Ejectusb.exe from the extracted folder you have saved rest of the process it will process automatically.

May be your anti-virus might warn you that EjectUSB is a trojan but it’s not. That is the side-effect of EjectUSB being an AutoIt3 script. You do not need to worry if you’ve downloaded it from the official EjectUSB website.

Now I need your opinion about this tiny tool…. oh yes it is very small application in size also only 300 kbs so its download also won’t took too much time so go for a download from the below link.

Download EjectUSB

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