Add remove program not working? Best way to remove unwanted applications from a PC

These days we have World Wide Web full of small and big application, for which some of them seems to be very interesting. SO just because of curiosity; many of us install so many application in their pc; that it clutters out the system space and becomes so confusing to find out which application is of use and which doesnot. Then we have not left with any choice but to remove them one by one via add remove programs from Control Panel. Though from the list we can remove many application what sometimes what cause an issue; that; not every application we have installed so far; can be removed via Add Remove Control Panel Application.

So now what to do? What can be the best solution?

Then don’t get panicked Yaar!!!! yes there is a best solution that’s also free of cost; may be some of you already known of it but in another context….. it is CCleaner. Yes the same application which many of us use to repair Registry Files or for system maintenance. But not all are aware that it can also handle the installed program very well.

So in case if you don’t have the application ready you can download it from the link here and install it to your system. As I have already mentioned it is free of cost… so you not need to invest a single penny. Just download and install and it nothing need any special skill which I suppose to mention (As finding the name of the right software is very difficult; not the handling) as everything clearly mentioned… you can use this application to remove unwanted programs as well as you can clean the system registry, deletion of your online activities like browsing history, visited pages etc… overall to say this is an amazing application which every pc must have.

You may also visit this link for more info…


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