Google Add on browser to prevent Analytics to collect Visitor’s information

Google Analytics is very popular service used by many webmasters to track their visitor details, IP address, browser information and other vital information… but yesterday Google took a very initiative move by introducing a plug in (add on) Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, to prevent its analytical service from gathering any data of a user visiting. This add on will inform the Javascript analytical code placed that the information on the website visit should not be send to Analytics. Google Described this tool as “to provide website visitors with more choice about how their data is collected.”

Though all we know that the data collected by the analytic does not include any personal information but it does include the personal information like which browser they are using or the Internet Service whether it is broadband or any other. IP addresses and other information can be used to identify a computer connected to the Internet and are regarded by some privacy advocates as personal information. While an IP address does not identify an individual user, it can be used by a service provider to identify a broadband subscriber.

For instance if you worry about using this plugin will affect your other cookies stored on your pc like DoubleClick cookie, which tracks the Web pages a person visits and then serves advertisements related to that content Рneed not to worry.  And this is perfectly designed to work with  Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Chrome version 4 and higher and Firefox version 3.5 and higher.

You can download this plugin from the link below

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page

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