Google Chrome 10 claims to have fastest Java Script engine released: Have you tested it?

Yesterday was a day of Joy for Google Chrome users as they have got the latest release of Google Chrome 10 beta version.

Chrome 10.0.648.82 is available as a beta channel release for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. IN this release Google has primarily focused on the faster JavaScript performance than the current Chrome 9 claiming to have 66% faster performance. The company attributes the acceleration to a new version of its V8 – Crankshaft JavaScript engine.

Apart from Javascript enhanced interface you can experience a boost if you have Graphics Card installed as Google has introduced a preliminary implementation of GPU acceleration for Video. Thus freeing up some processor utilization. If you use the full screen you can run on battery life longer then expected. In addition, it adds support for password synchronization across multiple computers and its Preferences menu interface will now open in a separate tab, just like any other Web page, rather than as distinct interface window.

Get more info at Google Blog

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