Group and Hide running Application according to their categories

There are  many application we have these days and many more coming with the time passage, this has become a necessity to have multiple application running to finish out the any given task. So if the taskbar looks very cluttered with so many windows application running filling out the every bit of your desktop, and you have not any option to close any running application then why not just hide them so that you can use them later when needed.

If it looks interesting then here is the tool called Windows Hider a free tool that can categorize the running application in an organized way in any given group.

windows hider 11 How To Hide Applications in Windows Easily

The name of these groups can be changed and also then different groups can be hidden or shown with a single click or use of a hot key. Also, the software allows you to choose whether or not a group will be muted.

Windows Hider Settings How To Hide Applications in Windows Easily

In short this is a great freeware application you should have to make your working easier and faster thus more productive.

Download Windows Hider link here

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