Hack Microsoft Windows Seven Ultimate for Automatic Activation…

Software producing firm are making their hard way while protecting their releases towards the piracy theft, but it seems that crackers are still two steps ahead. Even Microsoft latest released windows 7 has got an black eye from the hackers the time it has hit the market with its crack released called OEM SLP Master Product Key based activation crack completely bypasses the Windows Genuine Advantage validation allowing users a fully functional unlocked copy of the operating-system.

The above said application is claiming to break activation validation from any version of windows seven or 32 bit or 64 bit windows.

Though it is illegal to post link of this crack on the site here and it always threat some security risk but if you want this crack for testing purpose… first subscribe to feed-burner’s email subscription from the top right window and leave a comment I will mail it to you…


  1. thank for the tips will be trying the image one next time I do a fresh install, slavlabr (OEM SLP Master)

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