Having Periods (Dots) in Gmail Accounts: Get this amazing tips

Having an account on Google’s Gmail just not give you almost best service but there are also so many user favored interfaces you would love to know.  As in this post you will learn the tip called GMAIL DOT trick.

What this trick is suppose you have an account as per the name Sudhir.kumar007@gmail.com

now note down the dot in between the first name and last name, now the trick is that even if you don’t type this dot in between you can still log in to this account it means Google completely ignores the dot strategy.

Now again suppose a new gmail account as: Example@gmail.com
having password : abcd

You will get logged in to example@gmail.com If you use
email as : E.xample@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Ex.ample@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Exa.mple@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Exam.ple@gmail.com
password : abcd
email as : Examp.le@gmail.com
password : abcd
and so on..

Isn’t this an amazing trick….

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