Trace an email: Read, Send, Forward or deleted by receiver easily

Now days email is the best way to send or receive messages or documents; but still there is a big question that no one is ever able to know whether the recipient has received the mail , if the recipient does not want to tell. So if you very often came across this situation then here is, how you can trace any mail send whether it has been read by recipient or not?

For mail tracking you can use the services from with which you can trace whether a mail have been read or not or for how much time the mail was open, if there is any link has he/she clicked from them or not… this all facilities along with some other options to choose from and for this you only need to download a plugin from their website…


Email Tracking :Depending on how you send your messages (and how your recipients read them) your Read Notifications will include the following:   When your emails are read;   How long they are read for;   Whether or not your recipient clicked on any links you sent them;   The location of your reader;   Whether they were forwarded … and much more.

# Reliable Delivery:  Emails sent using our service utilize ReadNotify’s new anti anti-spam technology and are transmitted via our SPF compliant servers. Not only will you receive ReadNotifications when your messages are read, but you can also choose to receive Delivery Service Notifications when your messages are initially delivered. Our service also ensures you are notified regarding any message you send which results in a ‘bounce-back’.

# Group Tracking : Track your messages to multiple recipients with just one click.

# Certified Receive proof-of-sending and proof-of-opening digitally signed and time-stamped court-admissible receipts

# Self Destructing Email: Set your messages to expire after a specified time. This feature also blocks: print, copy, save, forward and print-screen. Messages sent this way can also be retracted.

# Ensured-Receipts: Guarantee a ReadNotification for any message you send; even to recipients who read their emails offline. Messages sent this way can also be retracted

# Detailed Notifications: Choose to receive your ReadNotifications via email and optionally by SMS, Pager, ICQ, IRC, MSN/AOL/AIM/Yahoo Messenger and on your own “Personal Tracking Page”


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