How to disable Google +1 sign from Google Adsense ads

These days almost 90% of blogs are monetized with ads online… most of these comes through the Google Adsense channel. Keeping this in mind and with the launch Google +1 social network;  Google Adsense team decided to implement Google +1 button at the bottom corner of each image ad (as shown in the image)… to know the interest of people. Google believes that this will display a recommended ads to your social connections, resulting in higher CTR, relevance and increase in revenue. Although; these ads gets many like click; but my opinion is totally different from Google Adsense team… as I would always look for ways so that a visitor if find any ad interesting click on ad itself, instead of just the like or +1 button. As it may give Google an idea but may be no use for me.

So; this is why I have just disabled this on my blog… now if you also want to do the same then here is step by step process how you can disable any +1 feature from your blog if you have an Adsense account. (You can only disable this feature through your Adsense account)

1. Sign in to your AdSense account ad Switch to New interface.

2. Click on “Allow & block ads” tab.

3. Go to ‘Advanced settings’ from left panel.

4. On the right side panel you will see an option ‘Social Ads Preference’. You need to block this option in order to disable Google+ button appearing on your ads.

This is what you only have to do? After this there would be no +1 button… but plz let me also know how many of you have disabled this or do you like to have it be there on Adsense ad…


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