Extract links from Google Adsense ad (Flash/Images ads) without clicking over it

So if you are wondering why I have written such an article of locating the link of any ads displayed by Google Adsense over any site so don’t get confused as there is clear cut policy from the Google that clicking over your own ads displayed on any of your personal site will penalize you from the Google Adsense program.. but what made me crazy as once i saw a very good ad meant for my knowledge and that looks very rare to find on other sites. So what would i do even copying link to the ad displayed via the right click mouse button and then pasting it in the address bar is the same thing as I am clicking over them thus the violation of the Google Terms so what locate what I did in the next paragraph…

So….. guys you wanted to know… here I goes….

What i have did just copied the link location from the ads displayed by the Google Adsense as said above but instead of pasting it over the Address Bar I used notepad and pasted it there. There what i have found, displayed below ( Plz note that this is the common timesjobs ads displayed on several sites so don-get it any way for wrong intention)


There from the above text you can easily find your publisher id marked in red and after that url address of the link also shown in red. For the flash /image ads shown copy link by right click over the Ads by Google (Now days it is as Adchoices written there) Icon to find the full url link of that specific ad.

Now if you are on your own web page and want to get link of any particular ad displaying you can follow the same procedure to get the code. This is the best way I have found; even to manage my Adesense account; when I need to block any particular site section of ad to block from displaying.

Plz share your views for any issue i have left or any suggestion…

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