How to get the file download speed and link details in Google Chrome Web Browser

If you are using Google Chrome then may be you have noticed while downloading any file that by default it only display the name of the file being downloaded, total size and remaining size; but do you know that there is an option using which you can get even finer details like the speed of the file being downloaded or the full url path of that file.

The below is the simple step you only need to follow and the full file details will be right in front of you!

1. First of all you need to open the Google Chrome and go through the extreme right and top of the your browser there you will find a wrench like icon which is the option menu left click using the mouse.

2. This will open a popup option scroll through the download menu given and click on it. (However you can also go through manually by typing chrome://downloads/ in the address bar)

3. Doing so will open the download window from where you can find the whatever details you want for your downloaded file or the file currently in the download process.

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