How to play Multi Language or Dual Audio Hollywood dubbed movie on a PC…

So you love English Hollywood dubbed movies in your native language and just download a dubbed movie using a torrent link. But after investing several hours to get finished the download; it was found that the movie you have just downloaded is still playing in English language while on the site you have downloaded it from says it has dual language. But you don’t know then why there is only English audio and how you can convert it to your native language.

So if you have downloaded a dual language movie (if clearly mentioned on the torrent) then there should be both the languages included in the movie… the only thing you need is the right software. Yes …. the right software… may be some of you already using them… today I will tell you two such software which are very well capable of playing dual audio movies without any special skill of software needed…

Here is the first one VLC  media player… one of the very popular software used these days to play both format of entertainment music files and video files.

So if you already have this software installed in your pc then there is no problem but in case you don;t then you first need to download it from the link given here and install it on your pc.

Download VLC player from the link here

So you have VLC player now open the dual audio file using open menu and right click anywhere on the movie clip being played and click on Audio>Audio Track>Hindi and English or any other language you have…this will change the language if in case there is no other audio shown in the list; then the video you have download will not have dual audio language decoded in the movie… so you have to try again a different file download.

Play dual audio movies

The above was the tip on how to play dual audio movies in VLC player… now the second one which is also a very popular software the media player classic….

Meida player classic which  is a totally different software if compared with Microsoft Windows Player is also capable of playing dual audio movies without any problem. So to get the job done in Media player classic open the dual audio file using open menu, like we generally do with any file on pc…. for which you are not getting the audio of your choice.. now remaining in the playback mode, right click on the Video playback screen and Click to Volume option. You will get the option there and change how you want. If still confused find this in the below screen.

You can download Media player classic from the link here.

And you not need to worry at all as both these software are free to use; you not need to pay even a single penny…

In case if you are looking for some more result from Google you can try the link given below or can use the Google search option from the bottom.

Google search: How to play dual audio movies


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