How to refresh Windows Registry Settings to the default state? Solved…

Have you ever have a feeling once when you have formatted your pc, it was very fast and reliable; but with the passage of time… there are too many hangouts or problem it has. Though this is just the matter of time; as Windows has a very complicated file system where each and every file plays it role… and there are also so many configuration that no one can imagine. But do you know most of these configuration are stored in the Windows Registry… and this is most important part of Windows Operating system. Once this gets corrupted…. the more and more problems results.

Now what to do? Not too much; but you need to just download a tool called RefreshPC, and as the name suggest, it tries to refresh your pc to the default state. In which most importantly; refreshing Registry Settings is on top priority along with refreshing system services which will help in faster boot up time, cleaning temp folders and cleaning Prefetch files.

So if you need a refreshment time, then why not your pc.. to do so just download the application from the link given at the bottom and run this utility. Doing so will give you a window; click on the button “Refresh My Windows Settings”. This will enable the tool to start taking actions and clearing all the ill configurations in your system. After it had done resetting the system, it will present a pop window presenting the log of the process performed. A great tool for Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Download RefreshPC

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