How to Remove top Navigation Bar from Blogger (Blogspot)

Google’s free service for crating a blog; Blogger is the best way to start for a new blog for the newcomers wanted to share their with the world. And if you have just started a blog on Google’s Blogger then, though, it has a flexible way to control the layout, posting options… but still there are some steps which we have to do manually…. like the one Top navigation bar which cannot be removed manually but with some HTML editing.

Me also have a blog on Blogspot and from the first day I was looking for a way to remove it from apperaring and finally I came across this HTML code to get rid of this.

Follow the steps given below:

1. First of all login to your blooger account select the blog you want to edit.

2. Now navigate to Template section through left side pan window and click on it.

3. Now Choose edit HTML from the right side.

4. Find the below code through your browser find option (usually ctrl+F opens the find bar try it)


5. Change that code with the following code.

#navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }


6. Save the template and this will do the task you are looking for.

Still confused watch this video:

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