How to verify Spam Email Address whether it exist or not?

So today you have received an email promising you something very interesting… or offering a very good deal…. but… if you know the person from where the mail is coming then it is ok… now if you don’t know the actual source then what? As there are so many spam messages spreading these days over the web that it is very difficult to trace which one is Genuine or which isn’t.

Have you ever came across such a situation and wanted to trace out its authenticity… then don’t worry… you can… absolutely free….

You only need to visit Verify Email Address a free email verifier is exactly what needed. With this “verify email address” tool, it can be easily traced out  if it is valid, properly formatted and really exists. It simply connects out the the mail server to confirm the validity of the email address, confirming whether the email address and username actually exists or not.

So the next time when even if you have a slight doubt of any mail for its authenticity then just try out this free service and then only expand the conversation.

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