Install Spell Checker for Firefox as you type: Firefox Spell Checker

Making mistakes while typing is not a very strange behavior, but is very frustrating when we have to it manually. Though; keeping this in mind almost every word processing program have an inbuilt spell checker program; which automatically keep track of what you type and notifies you if you had made a mistake or their is something misspelled. But what about you do a lot of online typing…. now if you are using Firefox then do you know that, even Firefox also support live Spell Checker.

Yes! But you need to have right spell dictionary installed… below is the step by step description how you can do this:

1. First of all check whether you have Spell checker enabled or not, to check click on Tools->Options->advanced… this will give you the following options window…

Notice the option marked in red checked or not if not check it.

2. Now even though you may have checked it, it might not work as this does not have an effective dictionary installed… and you have to do from the link given Dictionaries & Languages Packs

3. There on the new link provided above; you will a lot of supported languages… now install the language spell checker pack of your choice and restart Firefox to take effect…

That’s it now you have Spell checking facility in your Firefox browser….. hope you have find this very helpful… then why not share this… don’t be selfish yaar…. think about me also!

Have a nice day!

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