Lock your Computer Keyboard and Mouse while watching Movie or Cleaning PC

There are many people around us, who very often tend to clean their keyboard while their computer is on…. but sometimes this result in mishap. Do you also follow such people then, Toddler Trap: the desktop locking application… may be the best for you.

What this application does, it temporarily locks the computer keyboard and mouse, so that you can easily wipe out dust from the keyboard; without any risk or being worried of any accidental clicks If the computer is on and you want to clean the mouse or keyboard without shutting down the system, check out Toddler Trap.

Though, windows already has an option to lock computer keyboard and mouse using Windows+l key, but with Toddler Trap you can have your screen unaltered. That means if you are watching a movie then listening to some music, you can clean the computer parts in parallel.

And finally to get of this lock out just click on close button to reactivate the mouse and keyboard.

Once you are done with the cleaning, hit the lone close button to reactivate the mouse and keyboard.

To use this tool, the first step you must have to follow, download it from the link given below and give it a try…

Download Toddler Trap


Now a general tip…. What you do when you have your cup of tea spilled on your keyboard?

This is like one of the horrible question for those who have already faced this…. but generally you not need to through out that soaked keyboard…. but with a few precaution it can still survive.

Just turn the keyboard upside down on top of a kitchen towel and leave it alone for a while. Then you can wipe the top of the keys down with a slightly damp cloth and be back in business.

Enjoy your day


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