Looking for best Computer Prank: Fake system format prank utility….

Do you love computer pranks? Then, here is one of the best computer prank utility you love…. Fake Format which once run behaves like that the system is processing the harddisk format  and no combination of keys seems to stop it.


But note here that this is only a prank so actually there is nothing going on in the background, everything it displays is just a visual. What is does…. goes into the fake format functionality for  the windows  OS to pretend to format the hard disk and once the program is run, it doesnt stop even if any of the keys are pressed and continues to pretend formatting a specific disk drive. The person will not be able to stop the software by clicking the cancel button or hitting the Esc key. The program stops once it finishes the fake formatting of the drive and gives the results in a standard windows disk format summary and then the program can be stopped.

This is a very small utility but have a lot of fun, and the reactions you would love to watch… on the faces of your friends…

Download link here

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