Manage and Access Multiple Gmail Accounts from single login username and password

If you have multiple accounts and all of them needs to be active at any given time for sending or reading mails… then I know how much difficult it is to manage all accounts. But if you have multiple gmail accounts and wants to manage them all then here is the best way to do that…. by accessing all of your secondary gmail account by creating a single primary account. You can access 10 gmail accounts by granting access to your primary account… now how to do that go through the below step by step process…

1. First login to the Gmail account which you want to share and click on settings from the top right area of Gmail window.

2. Then goto Accounts and Import tab on Settings page.

3. Click ‘Add another account’ next to Grant access to your account.

4. In the pop-up window, enter Gmail ID of person who should access your Gmail account.

5. Once you have completed the above  step a confirmation mail will be sent to address you are granting access and the whole process may take up to 30 minutes before he can access the shared address.

Note here that here you are only granting access to read your Gmail address and not the authority to change the settings or chat on your behalf this way this is absolutely safe sharing.

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