Best way to manage Gmail|Yahoo|MSN email Login Acounts with Passwords Plus

Even though a single email account is enough to manage our online activity; but even being so there are many people around us; having more than one email account. Tough; having more than one account is not a problem at all; but doesn’t it get messy to remember passwords of all these account…. even copying them to our notebook is also not a very safe solution.

So; do you also have so many accounts each one associated with a different password… like myself also have email accounts on Gmail and Yahoo and on the hosting account too…. and sometimes the passwords messed up with each other…. so what could be the best way to manage them all.

As we all know that having the same password for each and every account is also not safe as well… so tackle multiple accounts here is a very good application called Password Plus Lite the solution to all your online accounts. With Password Plus Lite you can multiple login accountsusing the this application interface. So to use this application you first need to download Password Lite Plus from the link given here and then install it to your system. Though the link given above is of the free version Password Plus but still you can store up to 10 PINs, usernames, credit card numbers, Web logins, etc. Use Passwords Plus on your PC, Palm OS handheld or smartphone and never again be stumped by a forgotten password and thats all behind a single password you create.

So why not just give a try to this application…. isn’t it has impressed you?


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