Monitor your Internet Bandthwidth Usage for a stable speed

These days most of the Internet Plans comes with an Unlimited Usage but do you know even though it is as said is unlimited but there a condition applied as fair use policy—- which means after you have crossed a specific limit the Internet Speed will be dramatically lower like a dial up connection. Apart from the unlimited bandwidths there also exits several plans with limited free usage download limits.

Now for both the conditions it becomes necessary to track down our daily bandwidths usage so that we never run out of the provided limit. And to help us here we have iTraffic Monitor a small utility to report our daily bandwidth consumption from downloading or even uploading.

iTraffic Monitor is a network monitor and reporting tool. It provides real time graph of network traffic. Detailed stats provide daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats. Stop watch, Session stats.

The features as described:

# Monitor and review your Internet or network bandwidth usage with ease
# How fast your internet connection? We can graph it for your review
# How much data do you transfer? We show you a real-time graph or numerical display, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports

# Requires minimal desktop space and system resources

Below is the snapshot how it will disaplay the bandwidth usage

This application is free to use and usually takes less than 2 mb of memory and works well with any version of windows.

Download Itraffic monitor

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