Music Sounds from Firefox Irritating – Mute them all using Muter

Many times a day while looking for any information over the web, we came across several sites with automatic audio playback. Though may be all these sounds can be a part of its programming system or may be useful… but sometimes these sounds just irritates us and we have not any choice; but have to mute the speakers. However, we know that doing so will also stop the music playback or affect any other program requiring audio playback.

So if you have ever came across such a problem then don’t worry here is one solution, if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

Here is a very small application called Muter, which is a simple Firefox Addon when added; simply adds an speaker icon to the Firefox status bar,clicking on which mutes/unmutes the Firefox browser. The biggest advantage being that, only the Firefox browser will be muted and you can still continue to listen to songs and do other things.

However; at first install or by default this icon remains green which means all sounds from the browser will be sent to the speaker, but to make it off you simple need to click on the icon. Alternatively you can also use the hotkey combination of Ctrl+Alt+M in case you don’t wish to use the icon. Moreover you can also configure the settings in the add-on preferences window.

Though I have found this addon very inetresting don’t you… let me know feedbacks.

You can download the application from the link given below.

Download Muter

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