Myspace Trick: How to hide Myspace Contact Box

No doubt… Myspace is one of the Hottest Social Networking site on the Network. Myspace has developed a huge netizen interest in previous years and its popularity is increasing as days pass and many myspace hacks are developed. Myspace is really a good product promoting platform and so you can find many such promoters at myspace. On a side where it has provided an easu user interface for its users to play with in, it has not compromised to maintain privacy of its users.

The most useful(can be contradictory) being Private Myspace profiles. But, at same time, this is even frustrating for other myspace users. So, many myspace hacks developed to overcome these difficulties. One of such myspace hack is hiding contact box at myspace profile.

So to do so follow some simple steps given below

1. Just copy this myspace script given.
<style type=”text/css”>.contactTable{display:none;}</style>

2. Now, simply paste this script anywhere to hide your myspace contact box.

3. Thats it…myspace profile contact box hidden.

Thus, now your myspace profile contact box hidden from other myspace users. I hope this myspace hack/trick to hide contact box will work for you.
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