Download MSN Messenger for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to Chat: Absolutely Free!

So far i have already written articles on how you can trace if any person have blocked you on his friend network and how you can send continuously nudges to your friends. But that articles were based on for pc use only and it has already changed a lot as most of us already started using mobile devices for chatting or surfing purpose.

So if you love chatting using Microsoft Live Messenger on your iPod or iPhone devices then you will love to know that Microsoft has just released its Microsoft Live Messemger for iPhone, iPod touch and Ipad.
Live Messenger fro iPhone or the iPhone application is free to download  can be used to integrate social sites Facebook, linkedin, Myspace and other social sits.

If you also want to try your hands on recent launch of Messenger iphone application visit the following link

Download via iTunes App Store

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