Object Dragged Outside Page (Dekstop) is not visible on other pages in CorelDraw

Have you ever encountered a problem in CorelDraw, even, when you have moved an object outside the page area i.e. the desktop layer it remains invisible on other pages. But in actually it should goes automatically visible to all pages in the current document irrespective of the matter it is a text curve or any other object.

Actually this is a bug in the CorelDraw System. To me, this problem was pointed by one of my friend, which in a particular file whenever moves an object outside the page area it doesn’t move automatically to the desktop layer but instead stays on the page layer for the individual page it was dragged from and thus is only visible when the original page is up even though it’s outside the page area… which was very annoying to him.

So if you are looking for a solution to this then don’t worry here is the best but only solution available…

To tackle this situation follow the step be step description below:

1. First of all Go to Windows>Dockers>Object Manager as shown in the below…

2. Now from the right windows that appears check on the desktop layer if it has its visibility on or off as shown below..

3. For the object outside the page area, to be appear on every page from the document this layer must be in visible position… hope this have solve your problem….

Isn;t this a very interesting tip… on this blog there is one more very interesting tip what to do when there is CoreDraw ARM (auto recovery manager) error whenever you open or save or import any file… as CorelDraw crashes…

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And if you are Photoshop user then you must be aware that in the latest version of Photoshop from CS to CS5; it has disabled the preview handler in Windows Exploere, means there is no preview of .psd files in windows explorer. But you can still have it read from the below link….

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