Online Streaming Videos not playing well… Kaspersky Antivirus blocks Youtube Videos

Recently I got a question from one of my readers’ asking “Is there any conflits between Kaspersky Antivirus and online video streaming sites like YouTube” as after he has upgraded his Kapersky Antivirus he got a bit of problems accessing those online video streams.

Now while Goggling I found the same with Mcafee Antivirus also as it seems that these antivirus prevent the live streaming of such videos and they can be played only if the full video is buffered on the local system.

Though you can test it yourself is this the antivirus causing problem by turning off the antivirus protection temporarily… if everything goes well then it may sure, the antivirus is the main cause.

Now how to overcome If Kaspersky blocking the online video streaming

First open the Kaspersky by double clicking on the Kaspersky Icon from the notification area and then select web antivirus in Protection section.

Now you need to configure it properly to get access to online streaming videos…   Select Configure and click customize.

On the General Tab, click ‘Use Streaming scan’ —> OK….. that’s it… restart the browser and feel the difference…(in some cases it may require a system restart)

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