Open Save Copy Multiple Links from Google Search Page in a single click

With the insertion of tab features into internet browser it has become very easy to open multiple tabs of several websites or links. Now what if you have used a Google Search; and want to open the multiple results simultaneously in multiple tab automatically or copy or save just the link then here is good plugin you would love to know; if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

This is an add-on for Firefox called Multilink which not only opens the multiple tabs but also gives you choice to copying or adding all the links into a bookmark… to use this tool you need to download the tool from the link here and install into Firefox.

Steps how to use this tool (Though there in nothing it is just like plug an play)


1.    Make sure to install the add-on.

2.    Now whenever you visit the links on the web page right click and hold to drag a box around the links.

3.    Now it is on you to copy, open or bookmark all the links at once.

Hope this will make your surfing more interesting…. enjoy



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