Organise Desktop Icons in List view mode like Windows Explorer

If you have too many icons on the desktop then there are many times it creates confusion while looking for any particular file, if this is the situation you ever got then here is one tool which can organise your desktop in a nicer view to locate file: the list view.

With this tool called Deskview, Your desktop can be easily customized as it will reduce icon size of your desktop icons so that they appear to be as in List View thereby making more space for you to add more files on your desktop. Deskview changes your icon size back and forth to small and default.

You can use this tool any version of Windows whether it is Windows xp or Windows 7… though it will not create much effect in Windows 7 until you have manually reduced the icon size using the Ctrl + move mouse wheel (to lower the icon size) and then run Deskview.

Download Deskview

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