Disable PDF links to be opened into the browser? Save them first…

So you very often open PDF files from the webpages or from mail attachment… but not getting happy the way it opened in your browser, as instead of opening… you want it to be saved first….

So now let me tell you this happens….

This thing only happen when you have Adobe Acrobat Reader vr 8 or above installed as this installs an Adobe PDF plugin into web-browser, thus forcing them to open PDF files directly into the browser.

So if you want to disable this setting…then there is nothing you have to in your browser but instead, you have to open Adobe Acrobat Reader from the start menu.

Now the next through the Edit Menu, Click Preferences and then select Internet.

From the options uncheck Display PDF in browser and click OK

This is all… from the settings modified… you will never again get pdf files opened directly into browser…. enjoy…

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