Protect installed program blocking access to Add Remove Programs area

If you very often face problems that you install any particular programs or set of programs but with in days none of them remains there… and you don’t know who did this?

If this is the case and you wants to protect any of installed program then tell me “how about blocking add remove programs area so that no one have access to it”…. and for this you don’t need any advanced skill but only a simple trick… able to solve out your problem… follow the given steps:

First of all just delete all the uninstall links of the programs from the start menu as all most all programs can be removed from control panel > add or remove programs option & then disable access to the add or remove programs itself.

Now here is the registry trick:

Start regedit by go to start > run & type in regedit and press enter.

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies

Right click on policies & create a new key by selecting new > key.

Name the new key Uninstall

Now select the newly created key ie Uninstall.

Now create a new DWORD value on the right pane of the regedit window

and name it NoAddRemovePrograms and set value to 1.

Thisshould disable your Add or Remove Programs.

To re-enable your Add or Remove Programs just set the early created

Change NoAddRemovePrograms keys value to 0

That’s it, now don’t worry no one now will be able to access this particular unless he already knows the trick….

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